I told myself that I was going to be more consistent about blogging and documenting my progress after I moved.

Now that the sewing rooms are almost done… I guess I should probably start on something, including this blog, so… hi!

Here’s a little bit about myself: I’m a science-y cosplayer who loves to share information and talk shop. I have a bit of a potty mouth, I word vomit and there will be times where i lapslock because i’m too lazy to hit the shift key as i’m documenting a progress. This blog is primarily going to be weekly progress shots, odd tutorials that may help someone and… I guess a portfolio of sorts? People have been nagging me to start a website for forever, so here it is.

A website.

And blog

I guess.

I’ll be working on a few projects concurrently, including a set of competition costumes for Holiday Matsuri 2017! I’m pretty excited, especially since I’ve never been to a Florida convention. For now though, I should probably get my ass to bed because I work a hellishly early shift every day.

Thanks for reading!


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