Costume Plans (2017-early 2018)

I have quite a few costumes planned for this crunch time! i’m really excited because I get to use my favorite fabrics, play with more dye gradients, play with silk painting and work with a new fabric and construction style! In no particular order:

Hannah Alexander’s Mulan: Here

Ever since I made my Once Upon A Time Mulan, I’ve wanted to make every iteration. Ming-Na Wen is one of my favorite Asian-American actresses and she really brought Mulan to life for me when I was a young teenager. When I stumbled across Hannah’s redesign, this one went onto my list immediately. I’m part of a large HA Disney Princess group for a con in February (in Colorado!), so I’m pretty damn excited.

Hannah Alexander’s Suki

Sorry guys, no photo link for this one. This is a Patreon-only exclusive for now BUT I AM EXCITED BECAUSE I FRIGGEN LOVE THE KIYOSHI WARRIORS! My friend told me about this design as soon as Hannah released it aaaand it may have bumped a few costumes off of the list so I can make it. Oops.

Renarêve’s Shinigami Saturn: Here

If you haven’t seen the Feudal Moon redesigns that have been floating about, you need to. This is for a large group in Katsucon and we have all of the Sailor Senshi (we’re planning on wearing this on Saturday morning!). I’m not planning on starting her until maybe November, or as soon as Mulan is done. This is the one where I get to make a prop and try and figure out how to fly it from Utah to Maryland. Hm.

Musketeer from Granado Espada

I wholly blame Snowsong Cosplay and Kiri for this. They asked me and I said yes, and found a design that I like. The best thing about this one is I can most likely get away with my natural hair if I don’t get the urge to chop it off. This is for another massive Katsucon group (Friday!) and a lot of my dear cosplay friends are going to be a part of this shenanigans. We’re going to try and take over the gazebo for a few hours, lmao.

Sakura from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles

Ah, yes. These are my urgent ones. I’m making two of her outfits for the Holiday Matsuri Competition. I’ll be working on these in the midst of Mulan and Suki, but I will not be releasing progress shots or write up posts until November when I have to start putting my craftsmanship stuff together. This write up will probably be about twenty times longer than the others, but it should be worth it?

Evie Frye from Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Evan binge plays this about once a year and I’ve tinkered around with it enough and watched him enough that Evie made it on to my bad ass females list, and her Lady Melyne’s Gown is 10000000% my aesthetic. I do plan on making this coat to wear out and make it functional, so this isn’t necessarily a project I want to rush. … Plus the wool I want to get is probably the most expensive fabric I’ve lusted after by at least double, so I have to save up for this.

That’s it for now! I’ll be updating my current projects list with links to the posts as I go along, or you can use the tags on the side to jump to a specific costume collection. If you have questions about a specific technique that I used in a costume, don’t be afraid to ask! I’m more than happy to answer questions or go into more detail about how I did it.

Thanks for reading!

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