Welcome to my blog! It’s likely that you’ll see a lot of weird progress posts, photo dumps and random tutorials for the costumes that I’m working on right now. I started cosplaying in the early-aughts, but I really didn’t start getting momentum or care about my craftsmanship until the early 2010s. Since then, I have acquired a lot of skills, either by trial or error, or from resources on the internet. I tend to specialize in frilly costumes and large fabric builds, but I am working on honing my armor making skills (and modeling skills. Ha.)

I’m kind of hoping that this will be helpful for people when they’re looking for that random technique, or that people are weird like me and like seeing the process that goes into costumes.

There’s an abbreviated list of costumes in the past costume page (working on adding portfolio pages as I go, including write ups). In the current costume page, you’ll find a list of projects that I am working on right now and the tags to find the most recent posts. This is 80% a costume blog with special guest posts, 10% personal venting and 10% my cat.

Please feel free and follow me on social media! I am usually pretty active on instagram during crafting time, and there is also my facebook fan page 🙂

Happy reading!